Wednesday, October 29, 2014

X: 2

Chapter 10, Verse 2

"Neither the Devas, nor the great Rishis
Know where I come from.
I am the origin in every way
Of the Devas and the Rishis."

Sri Aurobindo:

The supreme word of the Gita is first of all the explicit and unmistakable declaration that the highest worship of the Eternal is the adoration and knowledge of him as the divine origin of all that is in existence and the mighty Lord of the world and its peoples.

The divine is the unborn Eternal who has no origin.  There is and can be nothing before him from which he proceeds, because he is one, timeless, and absolute.  At the same time, the divine transcendence is not an absolute which is empty of all relation to the Universe.  All cosmic relations derive from this Supreme; all cosmic existences return to it and find in it alone their true and immeasurable existence.

The gods [Devas] are spiritual forms of the eternal and original Deity.  They descend from him into the many processes of the world.  Nothing is independently created here.  Everything finds its origin and will to be in the absolute and supreme God.

Swami Shivananda:

Krishna is saying in so many words...

Not only am I the source of all the gods and sages, but I am also their inner ruler and the dispenser, ordainer, and guide of their intelligence.

Paramahansa Yogananda:

Even such exalted beings as Devas and Rishis are obliged to work in harmony with the Cosmic Mother to whom the Lord has given full power over the phenomenal worlds.  The beam of light from a motion picture projector produces no images on the screen unless it passes through forms on film.  Similarly, the sole Reality has no form without the presence of the variegated vibratory film of Maya, the principle of duality that divides the indivisible and through cosmic vibration projects forms on the screen of time and space.

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