Wednesday, October 22, 2014


Chapter 10, Verse 1

"Listen further, O Warrior,
And hearken to my supreme word,
Which I tell you for your greatest good,
Since your heart delights in the telling."

Father Bede Griffiths:

This glory is Krishna's highest word.  It consists of the revelation of the personal God who is known only to those who find their joy in him.

Sri Aurobindo:

We have now come to the inmost kernel of Krishna's Yoga, the living and breathing center of the teaching.  We now see that the ascent of the soul, when it withdraws from the egoic nature into the immutable Self, which is calm, silent and stable, is only a preliminary step.

Now, too, we can see why Krishna speaks always of himself as of some great, omnipresent, Supreme Being, Lord of all the worlds and Master of the human soul, abiding forever and unmoved forever by the appearances of the natural Universe.

Humans approach the Infinite through the finite mind, seeking for some conception upon which the mind may seize.  Some face of that infinite truth is sought, so that by attaching themselves to it, they can arrive through direct experience to the immeasurable reality that it figures.  However narrow the gate, they are satisfied if it offers a way into the wideness which beckons them.  As they approach it, so it receives them.

A passive, relationless identity excludes the joy of adoration and devotion, but Bhakti is the very heart and summit of this richer, more complete and intimate union.  The delight of the heart in God is the essence of true Bhakti.

To make it clear that this is the entire truth of his teaching, Krishna declares in a reiteration of all that he has been saying that this is his supreme word.

Srila Prabhupada:

The more one hears about Krishna, the more one becomes fixed in devotional service.  Discourses among the community of devotees is effective only where there are those who really long to be Krishna conscious.

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