Wednesday, November 5, 2014

X: 3

Chapter 10, Verse 3

"Those who know
I am without beginning,
Unborn and Lord of all,
Are free from delusion.
They do not miss the mark."

Sri Aurobindo:

All the perplexity of the human mind, all the stumbling, insecurity, and affliction can be traced back to the groping and bewildered cognition and volition natural to the mortal mind, but when the divine origin of all things is known, when you look steadily from the cosmic appearance to its transcendent reality and back again, you are then delivered from the bewilderment of the egoic nature.  Assigning to all and everything its real and not any longer its apparent value, you find the hidden links and connections, consciously directing all actions in the light and power of God.

The Supreme who becomes all of creation, while simultaneously transcending it, is not aloof from the creation.  The theism of the Gita is no shrinking and gingerly theism afraid of integrating the world's contradictions, but one which sees God as the omniscient, sole, original Being, who manifests in himself all that there is, whatever it may be, as the stuff of his own existence, governing what he has manifested.

Unbound by his creation, exceeding it, and yet intimately related to Nature and closely one with her creatures as their Spirit, Lord, Lover, Friend, and Refuge, he ever leads them from within and from above through the mortal appearances of ignorance and suffering towards a supreme light, bliss, immortality, and transcendence.  This is the fullness of the liberating knowledge.

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