Wednesday, October 15, 2014

IX: 34

Chapter 9, Verse 34

"Think of me constantly,
Fill your heart with my presence,
Become steady on your path,
And you will come unto me."

Sri Aurobindo:

Love of the world, the mask, changes into the love of Krishna, the truth.  Once this secret of the Self is known and embraced, your whole being and your whole life will be uplifted.  In place of the ignorance of the egoic nature absorbed in its own outward works and appearances, your eye will open to the vision of Krishna everywhere, and to the unity and universality of Spirit.  Your weakness and error will be transformed into the all-embracing strength, truth, and purity of the stainless Krishna.

To make your mind one with the Divine Consciousness, to make the whole of your emotional nature one love of Krishna everywhere, to make all of your works one offering to the Self, and all your worship and aspiration one adoration of him: this is the way to rise out of the mundane into the Divine Existence.  This is Krishna's teaching of divine love and devotion, in which knowledge, works, and the heart's longing become one in an intertwining of all their threads.

Paramahansa Yogananda:

Thus does Krishna, in the final verse of chapter nine, summarize the resolution of the mystery of transcendence and immanence of Spirit.  Through the divine science of Yoga, the Yogi unites with transcendent Spirit, beyond the dreams of manifestation, while also remaining immanent and active with Spirit in the cosmic dream drama.

In Yoga meditation, O Bhakta, fix your mind unwaveringly on God.  With devotion, surrender to him the ego consciousness and all of its dream delusions.  In the inner rite of true worship, offer the little self into the Self in the sacred fire of divine communion with Spirit.

Look solely to him who is the Lord of all, for he is the consummation of the rainbow-chases of birth after birth.  In him, all motley-hued desires merge into the one splendor of divine joy in which the soul becomes ever diademed with Spirit.  The Self-realized Yogi is a prince of peace on the throne of poise directing his kingdom of activity, wholly devoted to God in heart and mind, and offering to him the fruits of all actions.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

IX: 33

Chapter 9, Verse 33

"Saintly kings and holy sages, too,
Seek this goal with devotion.
Therefore, in this sad and forlorn world,
Give all your love to me."

Paramahansa Yogananda:

If even sinful men and women
May retrace their footsteps
To the hallowed home,
How unhampered, then,
Will the journey be
For the spiritually inclined?

Swami Shivananda:

The body is impermanent.  It will perish soon.  It brings pain of various sorts.  Give up the efforts for securing happiness for this body.  If you do not aim at Self-realization even after attaining a human birth, you live in vain.  Do not waste your life, only to be caught again and again in the wheel of birth and death.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

IX: 32

Chapter 9, Verse 32

"All those who take refuge in me,
Including prostitutes, beggars, and slaves,
Though they are scorned by others,
Will attain the supreme goal."

Srila Prabhupada:

Everyone is eligible for the supreme destination.

Paramahansa Yogananda:

For the Bhakta [practitioner of devotional Yoga], all social inequalities are negated.  Unlike societal norms, God never excludes anyone because of occupation, gender, or birth.

Are we not all children of the Most High, heirs and heiresses to an eternal kingdom?

Sri Aurobindo:

Previous effort and preparation, the purity and holiness of a Brahmin [priest], the enlightened strength of a Kshatriya [king-sage] great in works and wisdom have their value, because they make it easier for the flawed human creature to arrive at this wide vision and self-emptying; but even without this preparation, all who take refuge in the Divine Lover of humankind, such as the Vaishya [merchant] once preoccupied by the narrowness of wealth-getting and the labor of production, the Shudra [outcaste] hampered by a thousand hard restrictions, a woman shut in and stunted in her growth by the narrow circle that society has drawn around her self-expansion, and those too, on whom their past Karma has imposed the worst of births find at once the gates of God opening wide before them.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

IX: 31

Chapter 9, Verse 31

"Swiftly they become pure
And their hearts find lasting peace.
This is certain, Arjuna..
Those who love me will never be lost."

Sri Aurobindo:

A movement of complete self-giving opens wide the gates of Spirit and brings in response the descent of Krishna himself in to the person.

At once, everything in you is reshaped and assimilated to the law of the divine existence by a rapid transformation into the spiritual nature.  The will of self-giving forces away by its power the veil between you and Krishna.  It annuls every terror and annihilates every obstacle.  When you give up your ego and its works to the Divine, Krishna comes to you and takes up your burden.

To the ignorant, Krishna brings the light of divine knowledge.

To the feeble, Krishna brings the power of the divine will.

To the sinner, Krishna brings the freedom of the divine purity.

To the suffering, Krishna brings the infinite spiritual joy and Ananda [bliss].

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

IX: 30

Chapter 9, Verse 30

"Even hardened criminals,
If they turn to me with their whole hearts,
Will grow into sainthood
As they move towards me on this path."

Sri Krishna Prem:

You may miss the mark a thousand times and by those actions become so enmeshed in the snares of Maya that it is nearly certain that you will miss the mark again the next time around.  It is nearly, but not quite certain, for in everyone shines the Self, and where That shines unobstructedly in your heart no bondage can be found.

Always it is within your capacity to turn and journey towards the Light after stumbling, for the divine freedom that lives in your heart can never be annulled, and even the very power by which you err, traced to Source, springs from the Stainless.

Paramahansa Yogananda:

No one is so depraved as to be outside the pale of divine mercy.  Such are the potency and mystery of divine workings that sometimes even the most evil of people have become transformed into saints.

Vicious people, convicting themselves by their own consciences, may judge their souls to be lost forever, but Krishna gives assurance that they too may recover their long-forgotten spiritual heritage.  No mistake is unforgivable and no evil insuperable, for the world of relativity contains no absolutes.

Mahatma Gandhi:

Undivided devotion will help you discern the will of God and act in harmony with it.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

IX: 29

Chapter 9, Verse 29

"I look upon all creatures equally,
But those who bring me into their hearts
Realize that they are a part of me,
And I come to life in them.

Sri Aurobindo:

It is an all-encompassing adoration that makes the indwelling presence of God in humanity a conscious thing, an engrossing union.  An intense love of the highest and a total self-surrender are the straight and swift way to the divine oneness.

Sri Krishna Prem:

No special privileges are to be found on this path.  Those who seem to climb with glorious ease today are reaping the fruits of arduous struggles in the past, while those whose breath comes hard upon the mountain path may know for certain that, if they but persist, the time will come when they, too, will gain the mastery.

The way to Krishna is to give the self to him in service.  By your own efforts, you climb the path, but always Krishna stands within you, beckoning.  You climb sometimes in weary aloneness, but this loneliness is an illusion, for there, unseen and closer to you than your breath itself, stands your Eternal Friend and Inmost Self.  Nothing obstructs you except the veil of egoism which you yourself have woven and which is thinned by each unselfish act of giving.

Srila Prabhupada:

Anyone in the world may have a charitable disposition, and yet there will be a special interest in their own children.  For Krishna, every living entity is his child.  He is like a cloud which pours rain all over, regardless of whether it falls on rock, earth, or water.  However, to his disciples he gives extra attention.  There is a special, transcendental reciprocation in their relationship.

When a diamond is set in a golden ring, it looks very nice.  The gold is glorified, as is the diamond.  Krishna and his disciples glitter eternally.  When people become inclined to the service of Krishna, they take on the luster of gold.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

IX: 28

Chapter 9, Verse 28

"You will be freed from
The results of your actions,
Good and harmful.
Unfettered and untroubled,
You will come to Me."

Father Bede Griffiths:

Anything done selfishly will bind you.  When you eat for your own pleasure or even for your own health, as most people do, you become bound by your eating and will reap the consequences.  You may have good health, but that is a limited thing.  It won't last.

If you make an offering of what you are eating, then you transcend the world, and your eating itself becomes a sacred action.  Then you are free.  Even good results are limited.  They won't take you in to God.  There is no finality in them.

Sri Krishna Prem:

The smallest act of giving is a step upon the path and leads to that sublime stage where the whole personal life with all of its acts, thoughts and feelings is dedicated to the service of the Christ-self in all, where acts can bind no more since the little self is dead, and naught remains that can be bound by action.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

IX: 27

Chapter 9, Verse 27

"Whatever you do, Arjuna,
Whatever you say or eat,
Or pray, enjoy, or suffer,
Do them all as offerings to Me."

Swami Satchidananda:

Doing things for others without expecting anything back is the essence of worship.  That's Karma Yoga.  Sometimes people ask me...

When I go to work and get my own salary, how can I call that Karma Yoga?

With your salary, you have the means to eat, to clothe yourself, and to have a roof to sleep under.  If you're living to serve others, then you need to eat.  You have to fill up the tank so that the car will go.  You have to keep the engine lubed.  With the money from your salary, you equip yourself with enough energy to give the energy back to others.

Then your eating and sleeping become Karma Yoga, because you do them with the intention of keeping yourself fit to serve others.  Live to serve Krishna, or your chosen form of God, who lives in the hearts of all.  Then your whole life becomes Karma Yoga.  If you live for the sake of everybody, serving God and creation every minute with every breath, your worship is constant.  Your life has become worship, and every act is an expression of that worship.

Paramahansa Yogananda:

Here Krishna offers the sweetest solace and highest hope to all of his children, even the errant and the bewildered.  Through steadfast Yoga meditation, the loving dedication of all actions to God, and rightful resolve, not only may the righteous attain Liberation, but also the most deluded may speedily emerge into sanctity, from ignorance into the healing light of wisdom.

A friend:

My guru, Srila Prabhupada, used to talk about engaging the senses in Krishna's service, or using the senses for spiritual engagement, such as seeing the guru, the chelas (fellow aspirants), and the murtis (statues) in the temple, hearing kirtan (devotional chanting), japa (mantra repetition), and words of wisdom, smelling incense offered in love, touching and tasting prasad (blessed food), and so forth.  He said that we can't artificially stop the senses, but we can use them for service, working for God.  Then they become spiritual senses, so that all day long we are "rightly situated."
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