Friday, March 14, 2014

IX: 3

Chapter 9, Verse 3

"Those without faith
In my supreme knowledge
Shall fail to find me.
Back they must turn
To the mortal pathway,
Subject still
To birth and dying."

Swami Shivananda:

This faith is not simply an intellectual belief in certain dogmas and principles.  It is not simply belief in the statements of another.  Rather, it is a firm, unshakable, inner conviction that the supreme knowledge of the Self alone can give you peace, immortality and eternal joy.

It was such strong faith that induced Lord Buddha to have that iron determination which he expressed in the words...

I will not move even one inch from my seat until I get full illumination.

Real faith goes hand in hand with such fiery determination.

Sri Aurobindo:

The knot of Arjuna's ignorance, which has bewildered his human mind and made his will recoil from his divinely appointed work, is about to be cut entirely asunder.  This is the wisdom of all wisdoms, the secret of all secrets.  It is a pure and supreme light, which you can verify by direct, spiritual experience [Pratyaksha] and feel in yourself as the truth of Being.  When you get hold of it and try faithfully to live in to it, it becomes easy to practice.

Faith [Shraddha] is necessary for this attainment and grace.  If you trust the critical intelligence alone, which relies on outward facts observable to the senses, then there will be no possibility of living in to this supreme knowledge.  The soul that fails to get faith in the highest truth must return to the path of ordinary living, subject to error, evil and death.  The supreme truth has to be lived in the soul's growing light and not argued about in the mind's semi-darkness.  You have to grow in to it.  You have to become it.  That is the only way to verify it.  It is only by this transformation that you can live the truth of your spiritual existence.

The secret wisdom must be lived.  Yoga practice works, because in doing it, you live in to the offering up of the whole working of all that you naturally are into the hands of the Divine.  God works out his divine birth in you progressively and infallibly by taking up your being into his and by filling it with his wisdom and power.  He lays his hands on your obscure, ignorant nature and transforms it into his own light and wideness.  That with which complete faith you aspire to, God within you will surely expedite.

Father Bede Griffiths:

Unless you penetrate this world of appearances to discover your inner center of stillness, which is the truth and root of the whole business, and unless you return constantly to that center, you will continue to get caught up in the snares of Nature.  With this penetration and stabilization, you are set free.

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