Friday, March 21, 2014

IX: 4

Chapter 9, Verse 4

"This entire Universe is pervaded by me
In my unmanifested form,
Which is not apparent to the senses.
Although I am not contained within any creature,
All creatures exist within me."

Sri Aurobindo:

Here Krishna unveils the supreme and integral secret, the truth in which you, as a seeker of freedom, will learn to live.  This supreme secret is the mystery of the immanent God who is present in all and everywhere, while at the same time transcendent, so much greater and other than the Universe and all of its forms that nothing here can possibly contain him, and no language borrowed from the appearance of things in space and time can do justice to the truth of his unimaginable Being.

Your one sure path is to turn your entire existence in the world into a single movement towards the Eternal, an adoration by your whole nature and its self-surrender to its divine source and possessor.  By the power and mystery of a divine Yoga, you have emerged from the inexpressible secrecies into this bounded nature of phenomenal things.  By a reverse movement of the same Yoga, transcend the limits of your phenomenal nature and recover that greater consciousness by which you will live in the Divine.

Paramahansa Yogananda:

All of this cosmic drama and its creatures are produced by the pure, undistorted beam of God's consciousness, but his formless, infinite consciousness is ever transcendent and not limited to or by the finite manifestations.

Amit Goswami, Ph.D:

Today modern science is venturing into realms that for more than four millennia have been the domain of religion and philosophy.  Until the present interpretation of the new physics, the word "transcendence" was seldom mentioned in the vocabulary of physics.  The term was considered heretical.

In a 1982 experiment [Bell's Theorem] a team of physicists in France confirmed the idea of transcendence in quantum physics.  The experiment, conducted by Alain Aspect and his colleagues, proved that two quantum particles emitted from the same source remain inextricably linked.  When a change is made to one particle, even when separated by vast distances, instantaneously the other particle is affected.

When there is no signal in space/time to mediate their connection, where, then, exists the instantaneous connection between correlated quanta that is responsible for signal-free action at a distance?

The answer is: in the transcendent domain of reality.  The technical name for signal-free, instantaneous action at a distance is nonlocality.  According to physicist Henry Stapp, the message of a quantum nonlocality is that the "fundamental process of Nature lies outside space/time, but generates events that can be located in space/time."

Swami Shivananda:

How could the Infinite be contained in a finite object?

It has no contact with any material object in the way that a chair, for example, has contact with the ground or a person sitting on it.  That which has no contact with objects or beings cannot be contained anywhere, as in a vessel, trunk or room.

Swami Satchidananda:

Krishna is saying in so many words...

Everything is my manifestation.  Everything came out of me, but there is still so much more of me left.  That's why I'm not contained by anything.  I am limitless.  What you see is only a tiny fraction of me, a minute expression.

It's kind of like a potter who says...

Don't think that all of my clay has been used for these few pots.  There's more where that came much more.

A Friend:

What a great explanation from Swami Satchidananda!  In wonder, he encourages the seeker to seek more...and more... :)

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