Wednesday, November 18, 2009

II: 62, 63

Chapter 2, Verses 62, 63

“Being preoccupied about sense-objects
Will attach you to sense-objects.
Grow attached, and you become addicted.
Thwart your addiction, and it turns to anger.
Be angry, and you confuse your mind.
Confuse your mind, and you forget the lessons of experience.
Forget your lessons, and you lose discernment.
Lose discernment, and you miss life’s purpose.”

Mahatma Gandhi:

“Craving cannot but lead to resentment, for it remains unending and unsatisfied.”

[“Craving” has a different quality than the “longing” for steady presence. The former is desire turned outward and the latter is desire turned inward, towards the source of all that is which can be touched when the mind chatter ceases. We need to cultivate that longing to motivate us to turn that outward-going momentum inward. It is a Sattvic desire, the function of a pure Buddhi (discerning faculty). Ultimately, even Sattvic desires will get burnt up in the fire of steady wisdom.]

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