Wednesday, October 1, 2014

IX: 32

Chapter 9, Verse 32

"All those who take refuge in me,
Including prostitutes, beggars, and slaves,
Though they are scorned by others,
Will attain the supreme goal."

Srila Prabhupada:

Everyone is eligible for the supreme destination.

Paramahansa Yogananda:

For the Bhakta [practitioner of devotional Yoga], all social inequalities are negated.  Unlike societal norms, God never excludes anyone because of occupation, gender, or birth.

Are we not all children of the Most High, heirs and heiresses to an eternal kingdom?

Sri Aurobindo:

Previous effort and preparation, the purity and holiness of a Brahmin [priest], the enlightened strength of a Kshatriya [king-sage] great in works and wisdom have their value, because they make it easier for the flawed human creature to arrive at this wide vision and self-emptying; but even without this preparation, all who take refuge in the Divine Lover of humankind, such as the Vaishya [merchant] once preoccupied by the narrowness of wealth-getting and the labor of production, the Shudra [outcaste] hampered by a thousand hard restrictions, a woman shut in and stunted in her growth by the narrow circle that society has drawn around her self-expansion, and those too, on whom their past Karma has imposed the worst of births find at once the gates of God opening wide before them.

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