Wednesday, September 24, 2014

IX: 31

Chapter 9, Verse 31

"Swiftly they become pure
And their hearts find lasting peace.
This is certain, Arjuna..
Those who love me will never be lost."

Sri Aurobindo:

A movement of complete self-giving opens wide the gates of Spirit and brings in response the descent of Krishna himself in to the person.

At once, everything in you is reshaped and assimilated to the law of the divine existence by a rapid transformation into the spiritual nature.  The will of self-giving forces away by its power the veil between you and Krishna.  It annuls every terror and annihilates every obstacle.  When you give up your ego and its works to the Divine, Krishna comes to you and takes up your burden.

To the ignorant, Krishna brings the light of divine knowledge.

To the feeble, Krishna brings the power of the divine will.

To the sinner, Krishna brings the freedom of the divine purity.

To the suffering, Krishna brings the infinite spiritual joy and Ananda [bliss].

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