Wednesday, February 12, 2014

VIII: 27, 28

Chapter 8, Verses 27, 28

"Knowing these two paths, Arjuna,
No Yogis are deluded.
Therefore, at all times
Be steadfast in Yoga.
The scriptures declare
That merit can be acquired
By studying the Vedas,
Practicing austerities,
And giving alms,
But the Yogis who understand
This teaching of mine
Will gain more than
Any who do all of these things.
They will reach the Universal Source,
The uttermost abode of God."

Sri Aurobindo:

The thing that is essential is to make the whole being one with the Divine, so entirely and in all ways one as to be naturally and constantly fixed in union and thus to make all living, not only thought and meditation, but action, labor and battle, a remembering of Krishna.  When Krishna says...

Remember me and fight!

...he means not to lose the ever-present thought of the Eternal even for a moment in the clash of the temporal which normally occupies our minds.  This seems sufficiently difficult and well nigh impossible.

It becomes possible only if other conditions are satisfied.  If we have become in our consciousness one with all, one which is always to our thought the Divine so that our eyes and our other senses perceive the Divine Being everywhere as Krishna at once concealed and manifested in every form, and if our will is one in consciousness with the Divine Will so that every act of mind and body is felt to come from It, to be Its movement and identical with It, then, and only then, can what Krishna asks be integrally attained.

The remembrance of the Divine Being becomes no longer an intermittent act of the mind, but the natural condition of our activities, the very substance of our consciousness.  The Jiva has become possessed of its spiritual relation to the Purushottama.  The whole life is a Yoga, an accomplished oneness.

Sri Krishna Prem:

Cleave to Krishna in Yoga, or lose yourself in matter.  Brief is the choice, yet endless, too, for at each point the way is forked.  You may rise or fall.  Now is the choice to be made, while yet the heart is flexible with life.

Paramahansa Yogananda:

To understand that we live in a state of cosmic delusion is our first precious glimpse of truth.  To learn and practice Yoga, the method of deliverance from delusion, is to possess an incomparable treasure.  At all times maintain yourself firmly in Yoga!

Srila Prabhupada:

The best way to be absorbed unbrokenly in Krishna consciousness is to be always dovetailed in his service.  This assures that the path will be safe, certain and direct.  Devotional service dispels all misgivings about Krishna or God.  After these misgivings have been wholly cleared away, you become fixed in your practice.  Then you attain the state of feeling always Krishna conscious.

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