Wednesday, February 19, 2014

IX: Intro




Sri Aurobindo:

The truths that have been developed step by step up to this point are about to take a turn of immense importance.  Therefore, Krishna will first take care to draw Arjuna's attention to the decisive character of what he is about to transmit, so that Arjuna may be especially attentive.

Arjuna is about to become aware of himself existing only in God, his workings only an instrumentality of the divine action, his egoistic consciousness only a veil and to his ignorance a misrepresentation of his core nature, which houses an immortal spark of the Supreme Person.

Swami Satchidananda:

In some cultures, nobody sees the bride's face until she comes to the wedding hall.  Sacred and secret go together, because anything that is valuable isn't just dropped here or there.  You can put an imitation diamond on the edge of the bathroom sink and leave it there, while you go about your business.

You won't leave a real diamond lying around like that.  You won't even wear it every day, but will save it for special occasions.


It's because it has so much value.  Something cheap can be found on the road or a park bench, but something of great value is secretly protected.  The most valuable things are wisdom-truths.  Such pearls are not to be cast about, lest they be trampled upon.

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