Wednesday, November 13, 2013

VIII: 15

Chapter 8, Verse 15>br>
"Reaching me,
The great soul attains the Supreme
And no longer is reborn
In this fleeting world of sorrow and pain."

Sri Eknath Easwaran:

Krishna is telling us that until we become united with God, we will keep coming back where we left off at the time of death.  This places the responsibility for our life in our own hands.

You and I are responsible for the situations in which we find ourselves.  Instead of blaming anyone for it, we can take our life in our own hands, practice meditation, learn how to reduce our selfishness and create a better life now.

Whatever context we find ourselves in is a suitable one in which to overcome our problems and grow to our full height.  Even past mistakes can be transformed into assets if we have learned something by making them.

Paramahansa Yogananda:

Striving Yogis pragmatically view this world as a school.  The supreme lesson set for people is that they are not mortal, beset by pain and mutability, but are free children of God.  Good students who successfully pass the tests of earthly living have no need of further instruction.  They have earned the divine Ph.D.

Sri Aurobindo:

The condition to which the soul arrives when it thus departs from life is acquired by a comprehensive aspiration through knowledge, works and love towards the Master of works and the Friend of all beings.  Thus the soul satisfies its divine urge to break free permanently from the transient and painful conditions of our mortal being.

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