Thursday, May 16, 2013

VII: 17

[I missed Verse Seventeen and posted Verse Eighteen twice.  Here's the one I missed...]

Chapter 7, Verse 17

"Of these four, the wise are the most praiseworthy.
Unattached, steadfast and continually united with me,
They are supremely loved by me,
As I am by them."

Sri Aurobindo:

All of the four kinds of Bhaktas are accepted by the Gita, but only on the last does Krishna lay his complete seal of approval.  The one-pointed devotion of the Bhaktas with wisdom is their whole law of living.  They have gone beyond all creeds, rules and personal aims.  There remain no griefs to be healed.  There are no more desires to hunger after.  There are no doubts or baffled seekings left, for all wisdom streams upon them from the Light in which they bask.  They love whole-heartedly the Divine and are his beloveds as well, for as they take joy in the Divine, so too does the Divine take joy in them.  These are the God-lovers who have steady wisdom.

Swami Shivananda:

The Lord has an even outlook towards all.  He regards all living beings alike.  None he condemns, and none he favors.  He is the enemy of none.  He is the partial lover of none.  He does not favor some and frown on others.

The egoistic ones have created a wide gulf between themselves and Krishna with their attitudes.  The Lord is closer to them than their own breath, nearer than their hands and feet.

Krishna is saying in so many words, "I am like fire.  Just as fire removes the cold from those who draw near it, but not from those who remain distant, even so do I bestow my grace on my devotees, but not owing to any attachment on my part.

The Sun has neither attachment to the mirror nor hatred for the pot.  Just as the light of the Sun is reflected well in the clear mirror and not so well in the pot, so also I manifest myself only in those whose minds have been made clear through their sincere love and devotion." 

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