Wednesday, October 3, 2012

VI: 31

Chapter 6, Verse 31

"Those, who in this Oneness of Love,
Love me in whatever they see
And wherever they go,
Live in me."

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi:

When people look at things through green spectacles, no matter what they look at comes out green.  For devotees, no matter what they do, God is present in their consciousness.

Father Bede Griffiths:

When we experience God, we do not find a kind of isolation, but a wonderful intercommunion, an experience of being in relationship, an experience of love.

Sri Aurobindo:

Love of the world spiritualized and transformed from a sense experience into a Soul experience is based on love for God.  In that love there is no peril nor shortcoming.  To see God in the world is to fear nothing.  It is to embrace all in the Being of God.  It is to see all as the Divine and to loathe nothing.  It is to love God in the world and the world in God.

Sri Krishna Prem:

Wherever they may be, and whatever they may be doing, they are now established in the ever-living Divine Unity.  The touch of the Eternal Krishna has awakened the flame of love in the heart.  Love is the great liberator and breaker of all barriers.  Catapulted out of themselves on its rushing wave, they see no more themselves nor others, but everywhere and in all things the blue form of Krishna flashing forth.  Beneath the frowning brows of their foes no less than within the smiling glances of their friends, they experience the shining eyes of their Divine Lover.

They pour themselves forth in utter worship of the One seated in the hearts of all.  Worship is a word which conjures ideas of hymns and formal offerings, of churches, temples and rewards in Heaven.  The worship which they now offer is something quite different.  It is the worship which gives itself, because it can give no less, the worship of self-forgetful service compelled by love.  What need have they of temples when every form enshrines the Lord?

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