Wednesday, October 5, 2011

V: 4

Chapter 5, Verse 4

"Fools say that renunciation
And Karma Yoga are separate,
But the wise do not.
When you practice one of them deeply,
You gain the rewards of both."

Sri Krishna Prem:

"The interpreting mind asserts that these are incompatible ideals and with simple logic seeks to lead you in one direction or the other. Cling instead to the inner wisdom of the soul, which will teach you how these seeming irreconcilable paths are in reality two wings of the same bird. In truth, words are but fingers pointing at the Moon, and though the mind clings desperately to its analytical hold upon the finger, the soul reaches out intuitively and instinctively to the oneness which lies beyond."

[There is an old saying: "There are many paths to the top of the mountain, and yet the view from the summit is the same for all." Let us also remember that though the view is the same for all, no two viewers see through the same pair of eyes. Each particular vantage point is unique and impossible to duplicate.]

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