Wednesday, September 28, 2011

V: 3

Chapter 5, Verse 3

"When renunciates neither crave nor hate,
Their renunciation does not waver.
They neither long for one thing
Nor loathe its opposite.
The chains of their delusion
Are soon cast off."

Sri Aurobindo:

"The demon's craving to break and slay what opposes him are impossible in the calm, peace, and all-embracing sympathy and understanding of true renunciates. They have no wish to injure, but on the contrary, they have a universal friendliness and compassion. This compassion is that of the divine soul, embracing all others within, and is not the shrinking of the heart, nerves and flesh which is the ordinary form of pity. They will not hasten towards slaughter and strife, but if war comes in the wave of the Dharma, they will accept it with a large equality and a perfect understanding and sympathy for those whose pleasure of domination they are there to vanquish."

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