Wednesday, April 27, 2011

IV: 24

Chapter 4, Verse 24

"God is the offering.
God is the offered,
Poured out by God.
Those who see God
In all their work
In truth have found God."

Sri Aurobindo:

"This then is the knowledge in which the liberated ones do their acts of worship. It is the knowledge of the entire unity. The universal energy into which the action is poured is the Divine. The consecrated energy of the giving is the Divine. Whatever is offered is only some form of the Divine. The giver of the offering is the Divine himself in humanity. The action, the work, the worship is itself the Divine in movement, in activity. The goal to be reached by worship is the Divine.

For those who have this knowledge and live and act in it, there can be no binding works, no personal and egoistically appropriated action. To know this and to live and act in this unifying consciousness is to be free."

Swami Satchidananda

"Eating a meal can be turned into a Puja, a devotional offering. When we rise to that level, we understand the meaning. We experience it when we eat: 'The food is Brahm. The hand that takes the food is Brahm. The mouth that chews is Brahm. The alimentary canal is Brahm. The person who eats is Brahm. The process of eating also is Brahm. Everything is Brahm.'

One day we should all experience this truth. Until then, if we think this when we eat, it's useful."

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