Wednesday, April 20, 2011

IV: 23

Chapter 4, Verse 23

"When the bonds have been broken,
And the mind is rooted in wisdom,
Everything that is done
Becomes worship.
How can such actions
Bring evil?"

Krishna Prem:

"When it becomes clear that every material manifestation is an aspect of the Supreme Self, a wave on the sea, it will be evident that there must be a way of action which does not bind the soul. This is the realization that is beginning to dawn in Arjuna's heart. He sees, though as yet but with his mind, for there is still a road to be traversed before the vision will permeate his whole being that the action, the actor and the act are all so many manifestations of the stainless Eternal, and that if all action is offered as worship into the consuming fire of that Supreme Self, there can be no bondage; for the root cause of the bondage is the ignorance which makes a dualism and a multiplicity where there is, on the deepest level, but one."

Sri Eknath Easwaran:

"When we serve others in peace, in love, and in wisdom, our lives become divine, and everything we do becomes worship of the higher power."

A friend:

"Prabhupad said, 'We worship everything.' The divine mood is a mood of service."

[Thank you. Your use of the word "mood" resonates with me, for a mood is a feeling, a movement away from the head and towards the heart, so that there may be a joining, a yoking, a Yoga. The heart/mind becomes "rooted in wisdom."]

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