Wednesday, September 16, 2009

II: 53

Chapter 2, Verse 53

“At present, your mind is bewildered
By conflicting interpretations of the scriptures.
When it can rest, steady and undistracted,
In contemplation of the Self,
Then you will reach union with the Self.”

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi:

“The Vedas expound the wisdom of right and wrong at various levels of evolution. When one sees the different perspectives in the Vedic literature, one may be confused by the varieties of opinion about the path of realization. But when the mind comes to rest in Samadhi (super-conscious absorption), the goal of all paths is reached. From the center of reality, the whole circumference of life is seen to be completely harmonious, for when the center is found, it becomes clear that the innumerable radii all converge from the circumference towards a single point. If the center is not found, then the various radii will be regarded as separate and unrelated. That is why Krishna stresses the importance of the direct experience of pure consciousness. This alone can dispel the uncertainties that are inherent in the thinking process.”

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