Wednesday, September 3, 2014

IX: 28

Chapter 9, Verse 28

"You will be freed from
The results of your actions,
Good and harmful.
Unfettered and untroubled,
You will come to Me."

Father Bede Griffiths:

Anything done selfishly will bind you.  When you eat for your own pleasure or even for your own health, as most people do, you become bound by your eating and will reap the consequences.  You may have good health, but that is a limited thing.  It won't last.

If you make an offering of what you are eating, then you transcend the world, and your eating itself becomes a sacred action.  Then you are free.  Even good results are limited.  They won't take you in to God.  There is no finality in them.

Sri Krishna Prem:

The smallest act of giving is a step upon the path and leads to that sublime stage where the whole personal life with all of its acts, thoughts and feelings is dedicated to the service of the Christ-self in all, where acts can bind no more since the little self is dead, and naught remains that can be bound by action.

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