Wednesday, August 13, 2014

IX: 25

Chapter 9, Verse 25

"Those who worship the gods
Go to the gods.
Those who most revere their ancestors
Become united with them;
But my disciples
Come to me."

Sri Aurobindo:

However a rite of worship manifests, it forms a thread of connection, and there is a response.  This response, a fruit of adoration and offering, is in accordance with knowledge and faith.  It cannot exceed their limitations, because the worship, in the great majority of cases, is limited in its object and largely egoistic in its motivation.

To follow after the Universal and Supreme Spirit alone and utterly is to attain all knowledge.  You will not be limited by any aspect.  This absolute self-giving, this one-pointed surrender is the devotion which Krishna makes the crown of his synthesis.  All action and effort are by this devotion turned into an offering to the Supreme Purushottam.

Paramahansa Yogananda:

Krishna has already stated [Chapter 8, Verse 6] that the predominant feeling at the time of death determines your future residence.  It is in accordance with your devotional trends that you will frequent the astral realms of the deities, or the regions of the ancestral heroes, or the abode of elemental spirits, or to Eternal Freedom, the Supreme, Vibrationless Sphere of God.

Those who commune throughout their lives with God are at death not cast by the karmic Judge into a cosmic dream-prison, but go unto their Father to become pillars in his Mansion, Unmanifested Cosmos, for it says in the Book or Revelation (3: 12)...

He who conquers,
I will make him a pillar
in the temple of my God.
Never shall he go out of it.

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