Wednesday, May 21, 2014

IX: 13

Chapter 9, Verse 13

"Great in soul are they who become what is godlike.
They alone know me, the origin, the deathless. 
They offer me the homage of an unwavering mind."

Sri Aurobindo:

Those who open themselves to the light and largeness of the divine nature are on a path that though narrow in the beginning is inexpressibly wide in the end, where liberation awaits.  The growth of the godlike is the proper business.  The steadfast turning away from selfishness and towards the divine nature is the carefully hidden meaning of human life.  As this growth proceeds, the veils are torn asunder, revealing the significance of action and the truth of existence.

Your eye opens up to God within and to God without.  It sees inwardly and comes to know outwardly Infinite Spirit, the imperishable one from whom all existences originate and who exists in all.

Seized by this vision, your whole life-aspiration becomes an unsurpassed love and fathomless adoration of the Divine.  The mind attaches itself singly to the Eternal.  All words and thoughts become a single hymn of the universal greatness.  This one-pointed devotion creates a focused offering of your whole being to the eternal Purushottam, the personal God.

Paramahansa Yogananda:

Sattvic beings, free from the blinding delusions of the Rajas and Tamas qualities, see God in all things and thus remain always in his proximity.  Their uncompromising goodness and undistracted devotion offer no resistance to the natural pull of the soul toward Spirit, the pull of God's love that pursues every soul, even into the farthest reaches of delusion.

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