Wednesday, October 16, 2013

VIII: 10

Chapter 8, Verse 10

"At the time of death,
With unshakable focus
Endowed with devotion,
By the power of Yoga,
Fixing the life-breath
Between the brows,
They reach that resplendent
Supreme Self."

Sri Aurobindo:

We arrive here at the first mention of the Supreme Self [Purusha], who is even more and greater than the immutable Self [Akshara] and to whom the Gita gives later the name of Purushottam.  Here in time there dawns on us only faint glimpses of his Being, conveyed through symbols and disguises.  Still, he is not simply an indiscernible existence.  He is indiscernible to the mind and senses only because he is subtler than the last subtlety of which the human mind is capable of being aware.

The union by love and devotion is not here superceded by a featureless unification through knowledge.  Love remains, to the end, the fundamental element of the supreme force of the Yoga.

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