Wednesday, June 26, 2013

VII: 24

Chapter 7, Verse 24

"Fleeting is the reward
That those of small minds receive.
They go to the gods they worship,
But my worshipers come to me."

Swami Satchidananda:

The great sage Shankaracharya, while worshiping, said to the Lord, "Please forgive me.  This is crazy.  You are the whole world.  I am making you sit here while I wave this little light."

Even while doing so, he said, "You have created all the sounds of the whole world and here I am ringing a little bell.  Pardon me, please.  Because of my limitations, I have to do this."

That's knowing your limitations.

"I know my limitations, Lord.  Because of my limitations, I am just giving you a name and a form.  Please pardon me, because I can't perceive anything much bigger than myself.  You are infinite.  How can a finite being perceive the Infinite?"

When we learn this truth, we will never discourage anybody from using any name or form to worship the same God.

A friend:

The words of Shankaracharya are sweet and humble.  They really touch my heart.  His deep connection to God allows him to talk this way.

[As one's connection to God deepens, so does one's humility.  This shows the difference between Self-esteem and self-esteem.]

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