Wednesday, April 24, 2013

VII: 15

Chapter 7, Verse 15

"Most are deluded by my power.
They lack devotion,
Their vision veiled
By the cloud of appearance.
They follow the way of the demons.

Paramahansa Yogananda:

Krishna is saying in so many words, "Those who willingly cultivate negative qualities are manifesting the nature of demons.  They are not the least bit interested in positive qualities, and hence they do not tune in to the divine bliss trickling down from Spirit into soul."

Sri Aurobindo:

When we miss the mark, what is happening is that the lower nature is acting for the crude satisfaction of its own dull [Tamasic] or violent [Rajasic] propensities in revolt against Spirit.  In order to dissolve this compulsive action, we seek recourse in Sattva, which always seeks for harmonious light and optimal action.  The Sattvic will is another name for natureal law.  When we meditate and apply the allied disciplines, we evolve from unskillful and disorderly action to skillful and orderly action in sync with natural law; and there's a consequence: inner peace.

Father Bede Griffiths:

In almost every wisdom tradition there are cosmic powers of light and dark.  In Hinduism the Devas and Devis are the gods and goddesses, spirits of light, and the Rakshasas and Asuras are the demons, spirits of the dark.  Gods and demons are manifestations of subtle, psychic forces in our Universe.

When we ignore the Presence of God, we become subject to demonic powers.  This has become prevalent today.  Science, for the most part, examines matter, with the consequence that we take the experience of the senses as the only reality that there is.  In so doing, we come under the influence of demonic forces which inhabit Nature and the unconscious.

Science and technology are neutral in themselves, but they become the means for creating nuclear weapons which are capable of destroying humanity many times over and devastating our Earth.  Science becomes demonic, because it has not been drenched in Spirit.  

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