Wednesday, January 23, 2013

VII: 2

Chapter 7, Verse 2

"I will transmit
The essence of this wisdom
And the direct spiritual experience.
When you come to master it,
There will be nothing further
To be known.

Sri Krishna Prem:

It would be a mistake to suppose that this wisdom is, or can be, described in the verses to follow.  As a two-dimensional photo is to its three-dimensional original, or as a map to the actual countryside, so is this or any other description to that wondrous wisdom.

Father Bede Griffiths:

Ordinarily we see everything in space and time.  Everything is divided in space and moving in time, but in God, the totality is there without any division of space, and the unity is there without any movement of time.  The Whole is concentrated in this fullness, and that is the wisdom beyond which there is nothing to be known.

Sri Aurobindo:

Divine Being is all, and therefore when he is known integrally, then all is known, not only the pure Self, but the world and action and Nature.  There is then nothing left to be known, because all is that Divine Existence.  It is only because our ordinary view is not integral, because it rests on the dividing mind and the separative ego, that our mental perception of things is limited.

We are to get away from the egoic view to the true, unifying knowledge which has two aspects: indirect knowledge of the Self, Gyan, acquired through scriptural study; and the comprehensive knowledge, Vigyan, which is the direct, spiritual awareness of the Supreme Being.  This integral knowledge, says Krishna, is a rare thing to experience.

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