Wednesday, December 12, 2012

VI: 44

Chapter 6, Verse 44

"Because of their former yearning and struggle,
They will be irresistibly carried onwards,
For those who have once sought
The way to the Self
Go further than any mere
Fulfiller of the Vedic rituals."

Swami Shivananda:

Even those inquirers in whom a desire for information about Yoga is kindled rise beyond the entanglements of forms and ceremonies.  They are not satisfied with rituals.  If this be so for the simple enquirer, how much more for the practitioners of Yoga who take up Yoga practice in this birth after having practiced in previous births.  Impelled by the strong desire for Liberation, they practice vigorous Sadhana in this birth.

Sri Krishna Prem:

If only the effort is steady, their ultimate triumph is secure, and at long last, like a tree long bound by winter frosts, bursting suddenly into glorious bloom, the arduous struggles of many lives will bear fruit; and they will burst forth into the light and merge with the Eternal, no longer sensed as a vague background, but experienced in actual contact, drenching the soul with Joy.

Sri Eknath Easwaran:

Desire for the spiritual life is not a sudden development.  It lies within us, just waiting for us to remember it.  After meditating a certain amount of time, there will come a deepening.  We begin to regain the memory of what we have experienced before.  In some cases it is substantial, which explains some of the different rates of progress in meditation.  When the power of our spiritual efforts in past lives begins to rise up in our consciousness, it is often felt as restlessness, which is essentially a call to meditation.  Once we have re-established the connection with our previous Sadhana, our motivation for progressing on the path will deepen significantly.  Many doubts will fall away.  The desire to proceed even more will manifest, which is a hopeful sign that we have regained our spiritual heritage.

Paramahansa Yogananda:

As past bad Karma powerfully stimulates some to overindulge in sense pleasures, so strong habit of God-communion compel reincarnated Yogis to seek Divine Union.  Like a shooting star, they cross the sky of delusion and reach their spiritual destinations.  Those who are spiritually inquiring will not be satisfied with outward ritual, but will seek a knowledge of Yoga, first in theory and then in practice.  By specific Yoga techniques, they will learn to contact God's presence in creation.  Merging with Omnipresence, they will experience the blessed Absolute existing beyond the curtains of vibratory phenomena.  

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