Wednesday, September 12, 2012

VI: 28

Chapter 6, Verse 28

"Released from negativity,
The mind is constant
In contemplation.
The way becomes easy.
In this harmony of soul,
Yogis feel the Joy of Eternity,
The Infinite Joy
Of union with God."

Sri Eknath Easwaran:

The other day I was watching six baby swallows learn how to fly.  They were seated on telephone wires observing the mother bird, who flew slowly in front of them, doing some simple turns and showing them the basics.  Mama was showing them that there was no need to sit there quaking as if they were going to fall.  Learning how to fly may not be easy, but this is what birds are born to do.

Krishna sees us sitting on our perches of pleasure, profit, power and prestige.  We quake with every fluctuation in our bank accounts and every critical comment that comes our way.  Krishna asks us if we would not rather forget about our insecurities and become united with him.  This is what we are born to do.  We are born to challenge our selfish impulses and give our love to the Intelligent Director, so that the resources that have lain hidden within us can manifest in our lives to the great benefit of those around us.  Then the Intelligent Director acts through us.

Paramahansa Yogananda:

Yogis who at will can experience Spirit learn how to retain the Infinite Consciousness even during the performance of everyday actions.  They have mastered the invasions of restlessness during meditation.  Able to hold their concentration steady in a state of inner calm, they enter into Ecstatic Joy.  The fully accomplished Yogi moves about in the world of relativity amidst the dualities, remaining steadfastly in the blessed state of Joy, touched by Spirit.

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