Wednesday, August 8, 2012

VI: 22, 23

Chapter 6, Verses 22, 23

"Attaining this state,
They know there is no higher attainment.
They remain rooted there,
Even amidst the deepest pain.
To experience this steady wisdom
Is the real meaning of Yoga.
Practice Yoga with determination
And with a courageous heart."

Paramahansa Yogananda:

A woman plants a flower seed in her garden.  She looks after it faithfully, weeding and watering it regularly.  A robust plant manifests, but it does not flower.  She considers giving up, but decides, "My business is to look after this plant.  It is for God to produce the flower.  I will keep busy tending the plant and not dwell upon my flowerless labors."

Years pass.  She contents herself with the care of the plant, forgetting all about the flower.  One sunny morning, when a gentle breeze is blowing, she smells a strangely attractive fragrance.  She runs to her plant and stands speechless with joy.  There in front of her is a gorgeous flower.

The aromatic beauty was always present in the plant, a hidden potential awaiting the right moment to blossom, made possible by her labor of love.

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