Wednesday, July 25, 2012

VI: 20, 21

Chapter 6, Verses 20, 21

"When the mind ceases its restless movements
And has become serene
Through the practice of meditation,
The Self is realized,
Bringing supreme satisfaction
And fulfillment.
Then is known that infinite joy,
Experienced in the purified heart.
They stand firm in this realization."

Sri Aurobindo:

This state is not the fleeting happiness which is the portion of the mind and the senses, but rather an inner and serene sweetness safe from the mind's fluctuations and perturbations.  The main stress here is on the stilling of the mind and senses, which are the recipients of outward touches, and which react to them with our customary emotional dramas.

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi:

Having returned Home, the travelers find Peace.  The intensity of Infinite Joy lies beyond description.  The Bliss of this state eliminates the possibility of sorrow, great or small.  Into the Bright Light of the Sun no darkness penetrates.  Steadfast in the Self, they are fulfilled in Eternal Contentment.

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