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VI: 10

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Chapter 6, Verse 10

"Day after day,
Yogis practice meditation,
Mastering body and mind,
Free of possessions and desires."

Sri Krishna Prem:

Now comes the time for the practice of meditative Yoga.  Krishna proceeds to give some teachings about the technique to be pursued.  Essentially the method consists of gaining such mastery over the mind-processes that they can be stilled at will, thus enabling the meditator to experience the truth like a calm pool reflecting the Full Moon.

Only brief indications are given in words, because the full process cannot be set forth in writing.  It varies for each student and therefore needs to be learnt from a teacher, who unfailingly becomes available when the student is ripe.  While it is true that books exist which apparently give full instructions regarding the practice, their apparent fullness is misleading.  It is easier to become an artist by studying a painting manual than it is to become a Yogi by studying books about meditation.

Swami Shivananda:

Regularity of practice is central.  Those who practice meditation by fits and starts and for only a few minutes daily will not achieve success.  However, if they become well established in the mastery of mind and body, they will find solitude even in the noisiest and most crowded part of a big city.

Be not anxious about your bodily needs.  Everything is provided by the Lord and arranged by Mother Nature, who looks after our bodily needs very carefully and more efficiently than we ourselves do.  Ponder the mysteries of Mother Nature, and become wise.  Be grateful to her and her grace.

Father Bede Griffiths:

Many find it helpful to have a special place to sit in meditation.  It is recommended to always sit in the same place, if possible.  This place will gradually acquire associations, giving it a sacred quality.  This is by no means essential, but it can help.

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi:

Krishna is not advocating a monkish withdrawal from life.  This verse simply enunciates the essentials of meditation, a practice which leads to transcendence and the spontaneous infusion of Being into activity.

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