Wednesday, August 24, 2011

IV: 40

Chapter 4, Verse 40

"The ignorant, the faithless,
And the doubters are lost.
They can never truly be happy
In this world nor the next."

Sri Krishna Prem:

"The doubt referred to here is not simply intellectual doubt, which is the usual precursor to any advance in knowledge. Still less is it doubt of orthodox dogma, for all clinging to dogma must be destroyed, root and branch. Rather, it is the doubt of the reality of that which has been glimpsed. It springs from the inevitable pendulum swing of reaction after an advance has been made. If it is mastered, further advance is assured, but if allowed to take hold, progress will be halted. Doubt creeps in like a dark fog over the sea, blotting out the guiding stars and filling one with despair. Then we must show our true mettle, for if we waver and lose heart, we will become lost indeed. We need to press on with confidence that the fog will lift in time and the familiar stars will shine forth once more. In the end, it is only steady wisdom which can silence doubt."

Sri Aurobindo:

"Without faith nothing decisive can be achieved. Only by laying hold of some sure basis and positive support can we attain any measure of peace. The skeptical mind, foundation-less, gets lost in the void."

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