Wednesday, May 11, 2011

IV: 26

Chapter 4, Verse 26

"Some withdraw their senses from contact with exterior sense-objects.
For these, hearing and the other senses are the offering
And self-discipline the sacrifical fire.
Others allow their minds and senses to wander unchecked.
Their path is to see the Self within all exterior sense-objects.
For these, sound and the other sense-objects are the offering
And sense-enjoyment the sacrificial fire."

Sri Eknath Easwaran:

"Here Krishna is distinguishing between two different approaches to the spiritual life. One is the austere way, followed by members of the monastic order, and the other is the middle path of moderation to be followed by those of us who live in the world. We are to respect members of the monastic order in all religions. These are people who have turned their backs upon the world in order to lead the spiritual life. While my wife and I were in India, we had the privilege of knowing a Hindu monk who had been the head of a great monastery in the Himalayas for many years. He retired from this office in his later years to lead a completely contemplative life. There is nothing in the world to tempt him. His eyes are always fixed upon the highest, and he feels no conflicts. He feels no envy for the man of the world's freedom to go to a movie or drop in at an ice cream parlor. He probably feels compassion for those of us who still respond to the call of these little delights.

To live the monastic life and turn our backs upon the world, and, in a sense, negate our senses and the world, is only one approach to spiritual life. This path is suitable for a very rare type of person, and we are not to criticize those who follow it. But there is another approach which is just as challenging and more suited to the vast majority of us. On this path, we live in the world and yet strive not to be of it. We live in the bosom of our families, as integral members of society, and yet aim always to remember that the Lord is enthroned in the hearts of all. We live in the midst of life and find our fulfillment by using the senses in the service of others as worship of the higher power."

A friend:

"Once you know which path you walk/skip/play on, there is no need to be angry towards those who walk and skip to a different beat. I learn a lot from the many varieties on the path to my own, unique, spiritual completeness."

[Different strokes for different folks, each of whom is God disguised as a person. As we approach completeness, an understanding sprouts that by simply loving others the way they are, we are providing them with a safe and trustworthy environment in which to blossom.]


"Every river (or 'pathway') leads to the Ocean of Grace! Some may be taking an arduous course. Another perhaps may appear less difficult. But whatever courses of action are taken, tenacity and determination are keys to success."

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