Wednesday, October 6, 2010

III: 38

Chapter 3, Verse 38

"Wisdom is clouded by unskillful desire
As fire by smoke,
As a mirror by dust,
And as an unborn babe
By its covering."

Paramahansa Yogananda:

"When the soul's pure nature is hidden behind Sattwic (harmonious) attributes, as a fire is covered by smoke, the veil is easily dispersed by a fresh breeze of discernment. Even through this screen, the soul's dazzling joy can be partially experienced. The wise one, though, looks beyond harmonious attributes, distinguishing their paleness from the brilliance of the Self. Goodness brings a semi-permanent mental happiness, but Self-realization imparts unending, changeless joy.

When Rajasic, frenetic qualities dim the soul's splendor, as dust obscures a mirror, the cloth of continuous skillful effort is required to wipe off the cumulative covering of restless desire. It is more difficult to remove the layer of fretful desire from the soul than it is to disperse the smoke of Sattwic qualities.

When Tamasic, inertia-like attributes are paramount, the soul is hampered, darkened, and hidden like an embryo in a womb. It is then most difficult and time-consuming to release it from the Tamasic influences of laziness and sloth."

Sri Eknath Easwaran:

"If you try to use a mirror clouded by dust, you will not be able to see yourself at all. If you exercise no discernment regarding what you eat, what you read, what you say, and what you think about, you will not be able to experience the Self at all. You will see only the body, not the dweller within, only the house, not the resident. When the bakery displays all kinds of cakes in the window, try an experiment and say to yourself, 'I will not get trapped this time.' When the department stores advertise the latest fashions, try this on for size: 'I refuse to get trapped here either.' By making choices like these, you will gradually rise above physical consciousness. The Lord is always present, but it is we who bring covers to hide his glory and conceal the light. Krishna is telling Arjuna in so many words, 'Instead of bringing more covers home, instead of adding to your burdens, begin to remove them one at a time. You can count on my support.' "


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