Wednesday, May 19, 2010

III: 18

Chapter 3, Verse 18

“They have no reason
To do anything
Or not to do it.
They depend on no one.
They have no reason to.”

Eckhard Tolle:

“Be still. See how the tree is completely itself. Unlike humans, it has not split itself in two. It does not live through mental images of itself, so it does not need to be concerned with trying to protect or enhance those images. It is not only one with itself, but also one with the totality. It hasn’t removed itself from the fabric of the whole by claiming a separate existence: ‘me’ and the rest of the universe. The contemplation of nature can free you of that ‘me,’ the great troublemaker.

Use nature as your teacher to help you reconnect with Being. You are not separate from nature. We are all part of the One Life that manifests itself in countless forms throughout the universe, forms that are all completely interconnected.”

Srila Prabhupada:

“The self-realized ones are no longer obliged to perform any prescribed duties. Whatever they do in Krishna consciousness is sufficient for the discharge of their obligations.”

Sri Krishna Prem:

“The desire for the fruits of action has become an utter irrelevance which has fallen away of itself, though only for so long as the student is centered in the light. When at last, after long and persistent struggle, this centering in the light of the Self is permanently established, when the person rejoices in the Self and is content with the Self unbrokenly, there remains nothing further to be done.”

[And yet the liberated ones continue to act just as Krishna keeps on acting though he has nothing to accomplish.]

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi:

“They now engage in actions motivated by cosmic purpose. Through them works the divine intelligence, for they have become fitting instruments to carry out the divine plan in the world. Such a life is a consequence of steady wisdom.”

[Those of us who have not yet made the wisdom steady and who, from time to time, act with selfish interest are also part of the cosmic purpose for there is nothing outside of it. There are those who are in unbroken connection with the divine intelligence and those of us who play hide and seek with it, but all of us without exception are indispensable cogs in the whole and are thus carrying out the divine plan in the world.]

Daniel Clark:

“I agree with your statement that we are all ‘carrying out the divine plan.’ I would carry it out further and say that even the most horrifying evil is part of the plan. Whatever is, is part of the plan, because there is nothing other than the plan. Of course this is an extremely ‘detached’ view of reality. Digging in a little deeper, the plan has a purpose - that the souls choose to love God. So even though everyone is part of the plan, not all of us are aware of the plan's purpose - and among those who are aware of it, not all are ready to sign on and board ship for the voyage. Even then, not all decide to travel all the way to the final stop - there are so many fascinating ports of call along the way! But eventually, so it is said, we all do learn from experience and do buy the one-way ticket to the Ultimate Destination. One-way, because Krishna says in the Gita, ‘once having gone there, they never return.’ Yes, we are all part of that divine plan.”


Jessica said...

I like that we are all part of the divine you think "busy-ness" (or business, ha-ha) and "hectic life" are primary games in our culture? It seems to be encouraged, and gives a false sense of purpose and importance. And leaks a lot of energy.

Krishna Jaya said...

Once I got my hands on some workshop tapes of Jack Kornfield, a Buddhist teacher, in action. He told some of his own story which included going to Thailand on a Peace Corps assignment I think it was, finding his way to a Buddhist monastery, and, after his Peace Corps stint had come to completion, he stayed at the monastery for something like ten years. He spoke of coming back to this country in the aftermath, his hardest area of adjustment being how for ten years he had been doing one thing at a time, basically, and to be thrown into an environment in which multi-tasking is not only part of the program but highly valued threw him for the proverbial loop. The ancient wisdom traditions of all stripes tell us that when we focus on one thing at a time, it is easier to come into contact with the divine intelligence which pervades everything and easier to allow it to work through us.

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