Wednesday, March 3, 2010

III: 7

Chapter 3, Verse 7

“The truly admirable ones
Are those who
Free from attachment
To results,
With their minds
Ruling its powers
In harmony,
Engage in the Yoga
Of consecrated action
On the path
To union with the Self.”

Sri Ramakrishna:

“A deadly cobra was a terror to travelers in a woodland. The locality was specificallly avoided for this reason. Once a holy man inadvertently passed that way. The venomous creature made its appearance, bent on striking. Instead of biting him, it looked meekly at the holy man, who kindly advised the serpent not to bite anybody. The cobra accepted the advice. After a long interval, the holy man again came that way, thought about the converted cobra and searched for it. The creature was found mangled and half dead, wriggling in a hole. When the matter was anxiously inquired into, the snake submitted that it was all the result of faithfully following the advice of the saint. Because it had stopped biting, children took to pelting it with rocks. The saint smilingly rebuked the snake, saying, ‘I exhorted you not to bite, but I did not prohibit you from hissing.’ The snake learned a valuable lesson and thenceforth got on safely. Unbridled senses are like the poisonous snake wreaking havoc among people. Mortified senses are like the inactive snake almost beaten to death. Refined senses cultivated through the Yoga of consecrated action cause harm to none while elevating the practitioner to sublimity.”

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