Wednesday, August 19, 2009

II: 49

Chapter 2, Verse 49

"Those who work selfishly for results are misers.
Work done for a reward is far inferior
To work done with the Yoga of discernment, Arjuna.
Seek refuge in awareness.

Carl Rogers:

“In successful psychotherapy, a person adds to ordinary experience the full and undistorted awareness of his experiencing, that is, of his sensory and visceral promptings. He becomes aware of what he is actually experiencing and not simply what he can permit himself to experience after a thorough screening through a conceptual filter. In this sense, the person becomes for the first time the full potential of the human organism, with the enriching element of awareness freely added to the basic aspect of sensory and visceral functioning. The individual comes to be…in awareness…what he is…in experience. We have then an organism which is just as aware of its desire for friendly relationships as it is of its desire to aggrandize itself and just as aware of its sensitive tenderness towards others as it is of its hostilities towards others.

When a human being’s unique capacity of awareness is thus functioning freely and fully, we find that we have, not an animal whom we must fear, not a beast who must be controlled, but an organism able to achieve, through its remarkable integrative capacity a balanced and realistic behavior as a result of this quality of awareness. To put it another way, when a person is less than fully human, when he denies to himself various aspects of his experience, then indeed we have all too often reason to fear him and his behavior, as the present world situation testifies [these words were written in 1952…perhaps they ring even more truly today].

But when he is most fully human, when he is a complete organism, when awareness of experience, that peculiarly human attribute, is most fully operating, then he is to be trusted, then his behavior is constructive. It will not always be conventional and conforming. It will be individualized, but it will also be socialized.”

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