Monday, October 6, 2008

simple thoughts - the body is a temple of God

The body is a temple of God. It is vital for our path toward God-realization. Therefore, learning the lesson from the last post, from the "Drops of Nectar," that we learn to make choices in life not based on likes/dislikes but according to highest possible wisdom - discriminative wisdom - is a very important practice for us.

Many paths lead to God, and in relation to our body, some of these include:
* Viveka - discriminative wisdom (described above; ability to make wise choices rather than choose according to attraction/repulsion/impulsive desires
* Bhava - emotional love/sentiment
* Kriya - action/effort
* Bhakta - devotion
* Sadhana - spiritual practice
* Karma - selfless service
* Dhyana - meditation, mindfulness, presence

and many more. =). Love, Lalita

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