Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Bhagavad Gita: Chapter 2 Verse 3

Chapter 2, Verse 3

"Fall not into degrading weakness,

O son of Pritha,

For it is unworthy of you.

Throw off this faintheartedness,

And arise like a fire that burns all before it."

Srila Prabhupada:

“Arjuna was addressed as the son of Pritha, who happened to be the sister of Krishna’s father Vasudeva. Therefore Arjuna had a blood relationship with Krishna [cousin]. In addition, Arjuna was the most intimate friend of Krishna, and Krishna was directly guiding him in the chariot. In spite of all these credits, if Arjuna abandoned the battle, he would be committing an infamous act. Arjuna might argue that he would give up the battle on the grounds of his magnanimous attitude for the most respectable Bheeshma and his relatives, but Krishna considered that sort of magnanimity mere weakness of heart.”

Sri Aurobindo:

"Arjuna is a master-man in the making. He has a work given to him. He has God beside him in his chariot. He has the heavenly bow, Gandiva, in his hand. He has the champions of unrighteousness spread out before him. Not his is the right to determine what he shall do or not do according to his emotions. Not his is the right to recoil from a necessary destruction by the claim of his ego-heavy heart and mind. All that is a weak falling from his higher nature. He has to see only the work that must be done, to hear only the divine command breathed through his warrior nature, to feel only for the destiny of mankind calling to him as its God-sent representative to assist its march and clear its path of the dark armies that beset it."

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